Fires near Jefferson Texas had some bed and breakfast owners busy

This past week we saw the fires coming closer and closer to our historic town and everyone was worried. I even considered packing a few things in the car just in case. North of Jefferson Texas homes were lost to fires and the Tourism building was set up as a shelter for evacuees including an incubator full of chicken eggs ready to hatch.  Many towns’ people pitched in to cook, clean, do laundry, take phone calls and try to keep everyone else up to date on the fires. It is so comforting to know that we moved to this small town where people come together to help neighbors in need.  Many of the volunteers were restaurant owners, bed and breakfast owners and owners and employees of other businesses around town.
My heart goes out to the folks who lost everything, I hope they will receive the help needed to rebuild.
We would like to thank everyone who stood up to the challenge and did everything they could to keep everyone safe from harm.
This video shows just how close to town the fires came to Jefferson Texas. Video was filmed by bmfmgntcorp, thank you for sharing it.

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