Serving Gourmet Breakfast at Our East Texas Bed and Breakfast Inn

breakfast-sub-imgIn our opinion the “Breakfast” is by far the best part of any stay at our bed and breakfast inn in the heart of East Texas.

In the morning, you’ll awaken to the aroma of fresh coffee and baked goods. If you decide to sleep in, we don’t mind at all. But don’t be surprised if the smells of fried potatoes or bacon lure you right out of bed for a feast.

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One of our signature dishes is David’s Southwest Cheese Puff, as we have come to call it. This delicious crust-less quiche contains a blend of cheeses, green chilies, and pimentos that is sliced and topped with a bit of sour cream and salsa. You won’t believe the goodness until it hits your palette.

The breakfast table in the dining room will be set with glittering utensils, sparkling glasses, and a centerpiece for the occasion. Once you’ve been seated, we will begin serving you with juice and our first course, usually consisting of a fruit dish. The entree is then served, and you may eat at your leisure. We are more than happy to continue filling your juice and coffee to your heart’s content.

Special Requests Welcome at our East Texas Accommodations
Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have food allergies or don’t like certain ingredients in your food. Because we want to give you the most delicious breakfast possible “I don’t like onions” or “I can’t eat cheese” is just as important to us as it is to you.