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Outlaw National’s Car Show in Jefferson Texas is April 20 & 21, 2018

April is such a fun month in Jefferson Tx. You might see some motorcycles parked downtown for the afternoon and our favorite is the Outlaw National’s Car Show

There will be plenty of old vintage automobiles ranging from fabulously restored cars and trucks to Rat Rods and even some antiques that are so intriguing, you must look at every detail. You might be surprised to find a quirky something special hidden somewhere. And then there are the classics that are very well loved and used with no restoration.

The joy of this car show is just looking at all fun paint colors you just can’t find on new cars, like those shiny chromed bumpers or seeing your reflection in those highly polished paint jobs. When you gaze into those tucked leather interiors and see all the leg room they had and head room, you can’t help but be envious of a bygone era.

David and I always go downtown to see what this year’s show will bring. The event also has an open automobile show now and you never know what you will see with those entries. Jefferson’s historic brick streets are filled with flashy, fun, classy painted and even some rusted, dented treasure to behold on that weekend.

For registration and information contact outlawnationals@yahoo.com OR Michelle Fox-Davis  903-665-7121, auntie.skinners@aol.com

The car show is a great fundraiser for the Percy Johnson Burn Foundation & Children’s Camp.

Oh, and while you are looking for information about the car show you might consider booking your accommodations for the weekend at our Jefferson Texas bed and breakfast so relax after a fund day downtown.

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