The White Oak Manor B and B, has lost its tree.

Last month we had to cut down the beloved White Oak tree in the front yard. The old girl was the namesake of the White Oak Manor B&B in Jefferson Texas. It certainly was with heavy hearts that the decision was made.  Even though this tree has been reported to be one of the oldest trees in the area. The old lady was losing branches and had quite a bit of fungus in some places. We just could not take the chance of it falling and hurting anyone of thing.

We sure did love that tree as many owners and guests before us had but we felt it was time. I took a lot of pictures of every stage of the cutting and in the end after the sawdust settled we were given a treasure with a baby White Oak Tree right in the same bed as the last one.

We will nurture this little sprig in the hopes that one day it will stand guard over the house taking its rightful place as shelter and shade for the bed and breakfast.
In the meantime we have turned the stump into a planter and we hope to plant some roses in the flowerbed alongside the azaleas.

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