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Jefferson Texas, Christmas Historic houses tours

29th Candlelight Tour of Homes in Jefferson, Texas

This time of year is filled with merriment and mirth around Jefferson, Texas. The 29th Candlelight Tour of Homes 2011 is underway with some beautiful Historic houses to see. People come from all over the country to attend all the old fashioned activities Jefferson has to offer.
This year there are four very lovely distinctive historic houses on the Christmas house tour. We visited them all on Thursday and I must say that they were all so beautiful. With every nook and cranny decorated for the holidays, each house is decked out in the freshest greenery and fine china with antique ornaments and of course candlelight which really brings the historic feel into your heart.  Plus all the docents at the door and in each room are dressed in historic clothing and well versed in the history of the home so you really feel like you’ve been transported to another place and time.

The Hileman-Turner Home:

Mr. Turner at the Hileman-Turner Home
I loved these cupcake covers on the table.

The first historic house we toured was just around the corner from our bed and breakfast in Jefferson Texas. The first thing you’ll notice is the beautifully decorated porch and front door. Here we were introduced to the history of the home which by the way used to be a Jefferson bed and breakfast with cottages.  Once inside you are greeted with the beautiful trees and decorations inside and some more tales of lore about this area of town.

The Culberson House:

The Culberson House
Just one of the set tables at the Culberson House

Our second Christmas house tour was the Culberson House. What can I say about this home which has been written about by so many because of its rich history? Well I can report that it takes your breath away to view the home with Christmas grandeur oozing from everywhere.

The Elevator Townhouse:

Outside the Elevator House where gentlemen tip their hats to the ladies.
The elevator decorated with a fine tree and lights.

The Elevator house was our third stop on the tour. The differences in this home are very obvious from the minute you walk up to the front door.  The building is an old downtown warehouse with a working freight elevator in it. WOW seemed to be the word of the day here, because the lady of the house is an artist, there are really beautiful handmade ornaments all over the home. The elevator was lowered just enough for you to see the large wheel and workings and the tin ceiling tiles above.

The Woods-Moore Home:

Woods-Moore House

Mr. Moore with the music box

Woods-Moore candlelit table scape.

The last house on the tour was the youngster shall we say.  Because the home was built during WWII supplies were hard to come by so the Dr. had to be creative with the building materials.  You would never know this from the beauty of the home.  The antique furnishings were a real delight; my favorites were the steamer trunk and the music box.

Next weekend is the last time to visit these beautiful historic houses, don’t miss out on your chance to tour homes you may never get to see open to the public again. Buy your tickets from the Historic Jefferson  Foundation.

29th Candlelight Tour Homes even had a surprise or two like this 1940s Lincoln loaded with presents

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