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Tuesday Travel Tips-Pets and Documents

We know you wouldn’t dream of leaving your pet at home. We travel with our two dogs quite often. Some of the most important things that we now never leave the house without packing are their food and vet records. We have traveled without enough food and thought when we arrived at our destination it would be easy to find and purchase the food they eat. I can tell you it is not always that easy and our one mini schnauzer is very sensitive to foods and we have paid dearly for this mistake. Packing along a copy of the vet records has come in handy more than once; it never hurts to be safer rather than sorry especially when it comes to your four legged kids.

Our dogs Bella & Utah. Photo by Tammy Doriot

So remember your little ones when packing the car or truck. Pack their favorite foods, treats and maybe a toy or two so they are more relaxed. One item that our dogs like to have is one or our shirts to lay on, I know sounds awful but the sent is what makes them both feel better that we aren’t there with them. Traveling does stress them as much as it can you. Wherever you go if you plan to stay at hotels or bed and breakfasts you should call and make sure that pets are welcome there are many that welcome pets out there so ask and make your whole trip so much more fun for you and your for legged traveling companion. While we do not accept pets at our Jefferson, Tx bed and breakfast we can certainly help you find a local boarding place for your loved one.
Have fun!

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