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Travel Tips-Mapping out your route before you leave home.

Now that you have chosen you intended destination. You have looked up the route on Google Maps or Map Quest or your cars GPS and are ready to go. Before you take off on your trip do just a little deeper digging. All of these methods while good for getting you there can sometimes take you on a little longer journey because they may not know about a new loop road or exit or even roads that are no longer continuous. We have found this to be true in areas not so populated with old roads.  Email of call someone in the area you are traveling to and ask if there is a route that is the best way to get there. You’ll have a much better trip if you don’t want to get lost or be delayed by those extra miles.
We have learned the hard way in the past and it cost us many hours in some instances. While I love to see all the sights we certainly would not have experienced had we known before we started on our trek it drives David crazy to not have a planned out route. So please just be aware before you get in the car to check out the route with someone who knows the best route to take.
Happy Traveling!

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