Commemorating 9 11, texas bed & breakfast

Today as we reflect upon that terrible day 10 years ago we remember the sights and sounds from the news reports on every channel on TV.  We say prayers for the people who lost their lives and the families left behind and to those who so gallantly gave of themselves to help.
We are now living and running a texas bed & breakfast, commemorating 9 11 in our own way! Here in Jefferson the Rotary club will put a flag in your yard for American holidays for a donation. We had one set up and then asked for another. This morning I walked out and saw them both up in the front yard along with the one we regularly fly and a new commemorative one with all the names of the victims who fell that day. My heart swelled with pride for a nation who has shown that even an attack of this magnitude can be overcome by our spirit and will.

This evening at 6pm a ceremony is planned at the park downtown for anyone who wants to attend.

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